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16:00 - 17:30
Hedehusene Bibliotek
Hovedgaden 516 B
2640 Hedehusene
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Workshop: Find your Poetic Self with Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope invites you to an artistic and meditative exploration of your poetic self.

Sisters Hope invites everyone interested to participate in 'The Poetic Self-Exercise', which is a meditative exploration of our inner poetic landscapes. It requires no special preparations or knowledge, come as you are. The exercise is the starting point for the artist group's methods, where they investigate what a more sensuous, poetic and creative society could look like.

Everyone is welcome, adults and children.

About Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope is a recognized and award-winning performance group that works with a fundamental ambition to make the sensual and poetic accessible to as many people as possible - to 'democratize the aesthetic'. Currently, the group is anchored in Hedehusene with the art project, Sisters Hope Home, which is located in a former preschool at Charlottegårdsskolen. Here they work with very special art experiences where the audience can move in and live in a work of art.

In the first half hour, Sisters Hope will give a short introduction to the group's practice and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions. Next, we will try the Poetic Self exercise together. Please bring a blanket as we sit/lie down on the floor during the exercise.